ETC/BD Technical paper 9/2018: Distribution and habitat suitability maps of revised EUNIS grassland, heathland, scrub, tundra and forest types

01 Dec 2018

Iulian Petchesi

This report presents for each revised EUNIS heathland, scrub, tundra and forest type, a distribution map of known occurrence based on the locality of plots which can be assigned to the EUNIS habitat class and a suitability map of areas where the environment is suitable for the habitat in Europe produced with a model integrating several climate and soil layers parameters.
In addition to what was used as predictors in previous years (ETC/BD, 2016, 2017), also so-called RS-EBV’s (Remote Sensed Essential Biodiversity Variables; predictors based on remote sensing data) have been applied.

Prepared by: Stephan Hennekens (from ETC/BD partner Wageningen Environmental Research, NL)