ETC/BD Report 5/2018: Fact sheets on marine habitats and species for the Marine Mediterranean and the Marine Black Sea regions

01 Oct 2018

Iulian Petchesi

The present document was prepared in support to the 2nd Marine Seminar as part of the Natura 2000 Biogeographical process. This process aims at facilitating exchanges between Member States, key user groups, NGOs and independent experts on conservation measures necessary to achieving favourable conservation status of species and habitats of Community interest, with special attention to the management and coherence of the Natura 2000 network within a same marine region. This document complements the pre-scoping document for the marine regions published as ETC/BD Technical paper n°2/2015, by providing the following information for the Marine Mediterranean and the Marine Black Sea regions: 1) Descriptive fact sheets on three EU Red list habitat-types, 2) Updated fact sheets prepared by ETC/BD on three Annex I habitat-types which are sub-types of the three EU Red List habitat-types, 3) Updated fact sheet prepared by ETC/BD on one Annex II species and 4) Fact sheet prepared by ETC/BD on two bird species.

Prepared by: Jérôme Bailly Maitre, Laura Patricia Gavilan, Michelle Watson and Dominique Richard (from ETC/BD-MNHN, FR)