Modelling the spatial distribution of EUNIS forest habitats based on vegetation relevés and Copernicus HRL - ETC/BD Technical paper N°14/2015

01 Apr 2015

Iulian Petchesi

Using habitat suitability maps based on vegetation relevés and and amongst others the Copernicus high resolution layer forest, this report describes in detail the method used to produce the probability maps for the EUNIS forest habitat types at level 3. An assessment of these maps has been done for the whole of Slovakia. All the maps are presented in Annex I.

Prepared by: Sander Mücher, Stephan Hennekens and Joop Schaminée (from ETC/BD partner Alterra, NL), Lubos Halada and Andrej Halabuk (from ETC/BD partner ILE-SAS, SK)