Climate change vulnerability and adaptation indicators ETCACC Technical Paper 2008/9

05 Jan 2009

Iulian Petchesi

This paper rehearses some fundamental concepts surrounding the development and delineation of adaptation indicators. It builds upon the outputs of an Expert meeting on climate change vulnerability and adaptation indicators (Budapest, September 2008) and on the contents of a Background Paper that was prepared for the meeting.

Some key principles have been identified as the basis for a conceptual framework for the development of adaptation indicators. The framework focuses on planned adaptation to climate change impacts and makes linkages between:
- Building adaptive capacity, where indicators are needed to monitor the progress in implementing adaptation measures (so-called process-based indicators).
- Delivering adaptation actions, where indicators are needed to measure the effectiveness of adaptation policies and activities in general (so-called outcome-based indicators).
It is expected that a combination of process-based and outcome-based indicators will be needed in order to monitor progress in adaptation across Europe.

Prepared by: ETC/ACC members Mike Harley, Lisa Horrocks and Nikki Hodgson (AEA) and Jelle van Minnen (PBL)

Published by: ETC/ACC, December 2008, 37 pp.