Urban Regions: Vulnerabilities, Vulnerability Assessments by Indicators and Adaptation Options for Climate Change Impacts ETC/ACC Technical Paper 2010/12

15 Feb 2011

Iulian Petchesi

with Annex with list of projects, cities and options

Currently, a structured information dataset to understand the distribution of vulnerability to climate change impacts across the EU is lacking. This study provides added value in terms of information overview and to collect and analyse the existing information, assessment approaches and future activities, data needs and availability for and testing of existing vulnerability indicators and adaptation options and activities, make recommendations on indicator developments and on a report in 2011 on such indicators and adaption options.

Prepared by: Inke Schauser1, Sonja Otto1, Stefan Schneiderbauer2, Alex Harvey3, Nikki Hodgson3, Holger Robrecht4, Daniel Morchain4, Joost-Jan Schrander5, Maria Khovanskaia6, Gamze Celikyilmaz-Aydemir6, Andrea Prutsch7, Sabine McCallum7

1 UBA-D, Federal Environment Agency Germany(*); 2 EURAC, European Academy Bozen; 3 AEA, AEA-Technology(*); 4 ICLEI, Local Governments for Sustainability; 5 PBL, Netherlands Environmental Assessment Agency(*); 6 REC, Regional Environmental Centre Hungary(*); 7 UBA-V, Federal Environmental Agency Austria(*)
(*) ETC/ACC Consortium partner institute

Published by: ETC/ACC, February 2011, 208 pp.