Bioenergy Life-Cycle Analysis: Beyond Biofuels ETC/ACC Techncial Paper 2008/7

12 Mar 2009

Iulian Petchesi

Background Paper for the EEA Expert meeting, EEA, Copenhagen, June 10, 2008

The scope of this background paper for the EEA Expert meeting “Life-Cycle Assessment Methodologies for Greenhouse-Gas Emissions of bioenergy: Beyond biofuels” to be held in Copenhagen on June 10, 2008 is to present general issues and key questions regarding methodological and data requirements of life-cycle greenhouse-gas balances of bioenergy.

The paper is not meant to give answers, but as background for discussing the issues during the EEA Expert meeting. The author welcomes comments and critique, and invites readers to provide written feedback. The paper has been revised and finalized after the expert meeting.

Prepared by: ETC/ACC member Uwe Fritsche (Öko-Institut, Germany)

Published by: ETC/ACC, December 2008, 35 pp.