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Eionet is a partnership network of the European Environment Agency (EEA) and its 39 member and cooperating countries.

The EEA is responsible for developing Eionet and coordinating its activities, together with national focal points (NFPs) in the countries, based in national environment agencies or environment ministries.

The NFPs are responsible for coordinating networks of national reference centres (NRCs), bringing together experts from national institutions and other bodies involved in environmental information.

Apart from NFPs and NRCs, Eionet also includes European Topic Centres (ETCs). There are currently seven ETCs. They are consortia of institutions across EEA member countries dealing with a specific environmental topics and contracted by the EEA to perform specific tasks of its work programme.

The Eionet Portal (this website) serves the network by providing a platform for networking and information sharing and tools for collection management of environmental data and information.

News from across the Eionet

2019-Apr-12 Reportnet 3.0 Newsletter
  Your quarterly update on the development of our modern platform (More..)
2019-Apr-01 Reportnet 3.0 Executing Phase kicked off
  The activities of 2019 regarding the design and development will run in accordance with three specific agreements under the framework contract (More..)
2019-Feb-19 Time span of the Eionet passwords
  Please, update your Eionet password within the coming weeks, if you have not updated it in the past two years. (More..)
2019-Jan-24 Reportnet 3.0 Newsletter
  Your quarterly update on the development of our modern platform (More..)

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