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COMMON FORUM meeting in Stockholm on 10-12 September

Released on 2007-08-30

The next meeting of the COMMON FORUM network on contaminated land in the EU will take place in Stockholm on 10-12 September 2007. The meeting will be held back to back with the meeting of the International Committee on Contaminated Land, hosted by the Swedish Environmental Protection Agency. Details can be found at:

The COMMON FORUM is an informal network of policy makers from national ministries and policy advisors from national agencies in the field of contaminated land. The network was created in 1994 at the initiative of the German Ministry of Environment with the aim of providing a platform for the exchange of national experiences in terms of policies on soil contamination in the EU Member States.

The COMMON FORUM has already made important contributions at the European level by setting the state of the art in contaminated land risk assessment and management in the concerted actions CARACAS and CLARINET (see website and The COMMON FORUM also contributed their experiences to the EU soil strategy discussion in 2003 and 2004.

The COMMON FORUM meets two times a year, although national contacts are not required to attend meetings. The COMMON FORUM is supported by a secretariat and publishes a website with news and additional information,

To fulfil its role as an EU platform, the COMMON FORUM needs active participation from representatives from all EU Member States, or at least a contact person in each country. At present, the COMMON FORUM is looking for representatives or contact persons from the following countries: Bulgaria, Estonia, Lithuania, Malta, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia and Slovenia.

Policy makers and policy advisors from these countries who are interested in participating or wish to propose candidates are kindly requested to contact the COMMON FORUM secretary:

Dr. Joop Vegter,
Amsteldijk Zuid 167, 1189VM Amstelveen, The Netherlands.