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Modernising e-reporting: Reportnet 3.0 Project

Released on 2018-12-03

Reportnet 3.0 project is on the track to reach the first major milestone with the delivery of the scoping study in December 2018. The scoping study was performed in three stages. The first stage analysed the current architecture of the existing Reportnet platform. The main objectives of this stage were to review and analyse the existing body of information related to current Reportnet system and to describe the selected business processes together with description of the IT systems that supply or use Reportnet. The outcomes from this stage served as an input for the second phase of the project, which aimed to identify the high-level requirements for the modernised system. The requirements were gathered in a catalogue and consulted to all EEA Member and Cooperating Countries, relevant European Topic Centres (ETCs) and related experts in the Commission Services (DG ENV, DG CLIMA and JRC). The final project phase took all the previously mentioned deliverables as input and produced the final requirements catalogue and the vision documents aiming to propose a set of possible scenarios and a foresight for the development of Reportnet 3.0. During the important stages, EEA meets with the project stakeholders to assess the project progress and decide on the next steps.

In parallel with the scoping study, two feasibility studies were implemented on Data harvesting using INSPIRE and Reporting directly to a database. Data harvesting using INSPIRE assessed the applicability of harvesting national INSPIRE services to automate the collection of geospatial data sets falling under reporting obligations, whereas Reporting directly to a database aimed to assess the applicability of a system providing a better integrated and centralized collaboration on a record-based database platform. The outputs from these scoping studies were reflected in the vision documents.

At the early 2019, the planning phase will be completed and the executing phase, which will focus on modular development, will begin. Reportnet 3.0 is foreseen to be in operation in 2021.