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Workshop on improving the quality of reporting on air quality

Released on 2008-02-15

Technical workshop to support countries in improving the quality of reporting through the questionnaire on air quality assessment and management (2004/461/EC).

Location: EEA Copenhagen
Dates: 11 and 12 June 2008

The EEA will fund the participation of one person from each member country under the 2008 Shared environmental information system project to improve country performance in Eionet priority data reporting (SEIS #1). EEA and ETC Air and Climate Change staff will be present. The participation of DG Environment at the workshop is expected.

The target participants are those who make national assessments required by the air quality legislation. Link to information in the Reporting obligation database

The agenda will include practical considerations relating to:

The workshop has been scheduled back to back with the User Workshop on GMES Atmospheric Services to facilitate those who are interested in both issues.

An invitation letter with a request to nominate participants will be sent to National Focal Points.