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Website Design Guidelines

The website design guidelines set out principles and rules for the various graphic elements, which together establish Eionet’s visual identity on the Internet. The graphical identity has been essentially the same since 1999 with only a few minor updates because of new applications. Under the bonnet, however, the structure of the code has been updated radically to increase accessibility and userfriendliness.

Eionet website on pocketpc
With the new techniques Eionet is usable even on a handheld computer. Accessibility is not only helping the blind. It is the ability to access an Eionet site from any device.

The design manual specifies the layout, colours, fonts and use of style sheets, but more importantly how common elements operate such as authentication and sorting. An Eionet user jumps from website to website. It is very important the operations and visual clues are the same.

Eionet design specifications

Best practices/principles

We have created a design checklist to summarise the core specifications and best practices. You might start with this.