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Benefits of a multilingual website

Improving communication

The main goal of a multilingual site is to improve communication organisation behind the site and its visitors. This is especially relevant when the target groups of a website do not know English very well.

Reaching a wider audience

Although many products are translated into different languages and available on the website. These products are difficult to find by non-English speaking people, since the website navigation is provided only in English. In this way we will reach a wider audience.

Online language populations pie chart

Source: Internet World Stats

Clients’ satisfaction

There is clear evidence in usability research which shows that web users prefer to browse and search in their native language.

Better marketing (localisation)

The more precise definition of the multilingual website is to provide a localised version of the actual website for each target language audience. By targeting information to a given audience we will have a much better impact and we will address clients’ information needs more adequately.

For example having an Italian website it will make it easier to promote information relevant to an Italian audience, for example: meetings/events held in Rome, state of the environment in the Mediterranean Sea etc.