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Eionet is a partnership network of the European Environment Agency (EEA) and its member and cooperating countries involving approximately 1000 experts and more than 350 national institutions. The network supports the collection and organisation of data and the development and dissemination of information concerning Europe’s environment (More…)

News from across the Eionet (Archive...)

2015-May-20 20/05/2015 Reports on the "State of Nature in the European Union" were launched today
  Based on outcomes of the reporting by EU Member States under the two Nature
Directives, and with major support from the ETC/BD, the European
Environment Agency published a technical report (More..)
2015-Mar-03 03/03/2015 SOER 2015 - The report on 'European environment state and outlook 2015' launched today!
  The State of the environment report is published every five years by the
European Environment Agency. The SOER 2015 format consists in (More..)
2015-Feb-11 11/02/2015 - Released: ETC/ACM Work Plan 2015
  No summary (More..)
2014-Dec-18 2014/12/18 ETC/BD Newsletter
  The December 2014 version of the ETC/BD newletter is now available The
newsletter aims at providing information on activities led by the
Consortium in the framework of the multi-annual European Environment
Agency’s Strategy 2014-2018. The newsletter is produced 2 times a year at
regular intervals. (More..)