Eionet Helpdesk

The Eionet helpdesk is a central contact point for support requests related to Eionet account management and IT troubleshooting on Eionet web sites, tools and services (including the Eionet Portal, Eionet Forum/Projects and the various Reportnet 2 sites). The Helpdesk also dispatches specific content related requests to relevant EEA experts.

If you experience any problem or errors on the various Eionet sites please let us know immediately. When sending an email to the Eionet Helpdesk you initially get an automatically generated email confirming the receipt of your email and that a "ticket" has been created in the Helpdesk system.

The Eionet helpdesk is manned throughout the opening hours of EEA and generally responds to the ticket within 24 hours.

User account management

Eionet user accounts are created for those who need access to Eionet websites, tools as services that require Eionet login. New user accounts can only be created by the Eionet Helpdesk. 

  • The Eionet Helpdesk creates accounts after a request from an existing member of the Eionet Directory, for example an EEA staff members, including the justification for creating an account.
  • Accounts are not created for individuals asking directly for getting access.

Eionet user accounts are maintained centrally. Users can use the same credentials to access all Eionet websites, tools and services (on the eionet.europa.eu domain and subdomains), provided that local access permissions have been granted by the local site administrators.

See the Privacy statement for information about what personal data are created and how personal data are managed.

Administrative tools for National Focal Points representatives

National Focal Points manage Eionet users in their country through the new Team User management app since 2024.