About Reportnet


Reportnet is Eionet’s infrastructure for supporting and improving data and information flows. Reportnet is based on a set of inter-related tools and processes which all build on the active use of the World Wide Web. Reportnet has been developed since 2000 and has been in operational use since 2002.

The system integrates different web services and allows for distributed responsibilities. Reportnet was initially used for reporting environmental data to EEA, but is now also hosting some of DG Environment’s reporting tasks. The open system permits deliveries to other national and international organisations in a very transparent way.

In 2018, the EEA has initiated Reportnet 3.0 project to promote and modernise eReporting with the latest IT solutions. More information on the project is accessible through the Reportnet 3.0 site

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  • Central Data Repository provides a web interface for guiding the reporter through the reporting workflow, with key steps such as uploading files and presenting quality control feedback.
  • Content Registry (CR) provides access to information resources in the Reportnet. It harvests metadata from the connected services and allows information and data access through this.
  • Data Dictionary is a central service for storing technical specifications of the data requested in reporting obligations.
  • Data Dictionary for ETC deliveries provides a service for storing specifications of the datasets requested by EEA from ETCs or other data providers.
  • Reporting Obligations Database (ROD) contains the relevant obligations under which countries shall report environmental data