NRC on Environment and transport

Profile 2018 - 2020


The environment and transport NRC is requested to support further the development of transport and environment assessments and indicators and the identification of challenges and solutions in integrating environmental considerations into transport policies.


    • Assessment of progress towards targets and integration of environmental and transport policies
    • Policy effectiveness and evaluation
    • Transport economics and transport subsidies
    • Emissions from transport, and related health and ecosystems impacts
    • Transport modes including non-motorised transport
    • Uptake of new transport technologies and scenario development
    • Understanding of indicators

    Policy processes to be supported

    • White Paper ‘Roadmap to a Single European Transport Area’
    • Action Plan Urban Mobility
    • Aviation and Emission Trading Scheme (ETS)
    • Targets renewable energy
    • Clean Power for Transport – Alternative fuels for sustainable mobility in Europe
    • European and global dimensions of EU biofuel policies
    • Legislation on emission standards for road vehicles, ships, planes
    • A European Strategy for low-emission mobility
    • Clean Mobility Package, including the Clean Vehicles Directive which is currently being revised (2017/0291/COD)

    Expected input and contributions from the NRC in 2018 - 2020

    Review of and comment on EEA products:

    • Transport and Environment Reporting Mechanism (TERM) annual EEA reports
    • EEA assessments and indicator- based reports and SOER report
    • TERM indicators

    Relevant organisations and networks

    • European Commission: DG MOVE, DG CLIMA, DG ENV, DG Eurostat, DG JRC
    • OECD including the International Transport Forum
    • UNECE Transport and Environment Divisions
    • WHO
    • IPCC