NRC on Environmental information systems

Profile 2018 - 2020


The NRC EIS will support the monitoring, data and information related activities - mainly those related to system development and IT infrastructure for data collection, reporting, data and information dissemination. 

Activities in 2018-2020 will focus on the modernisation of e-reporting systems i.e. Reportnet 2.0/3.0 and related data flows, as well as other IT based activities and topics related to streamlining environmental reporting based on  the related action plan of the European Commission. 

These will include data harvesting, active dissemination and improvements for interaction between national and European information systems. It also links to implementing the INSPIRE Directive (DIR 2007/2/EC) and the Copernicus Regulation (377/2014).


    • Technology of environmental monitoring, data reporting, infrastructures and information systems in general
    • Eionet data flows and data management, INSPIRE processes
    • Reportnet tools
    • Web technologies and standards, including RDF, XML and INSPIRE services Knowledge or interest in new technology for monitoring, data and information handling, such as big data, cloud based services, GIS and remote sensing.

    Policy processes to be supported

    • EC action plan to streamline environmental reporting
    • INSPIRE (Infrastructure for spatial information in Europe)
    • Copernicus core services
    • Open data policy
    • Shared Environmental Information System (SEIS)

    Expected input and contributions from the NRC in 2018 - 2020

    Main tasks:

    • Contribution to the development and use of Reportnet 2.0/3.0 through the Business Implementation Group (BIG)
    • Support to the implementation of INSPIRE

    Other tasks:

    • Support to selected other EEA/Eionet tasks based on demand
      • Review of Eionet web portal
      • IT tools for dissemination of SOER data and information
      • Evaluation and linking of national information systems
      • Support to the EU digital agenda
      • Contribution to SEIS development and implementation
      • Support to the further development of European information systems (e.g. WISE, BISE, FISE, PRTR, Climate ADAPT, etc.) and close cooperation with thematic NRCs working on content of the information systems 

    Relevant organisations and networks

    • DG JRC, RTD
    • DG Eurostat
    • DG Connect (open data)
    • DG DIGIT
    • INSPIRE National Contact Points (NCPs)