NRC on Forward-looking information and services (FLIS)

Profile 2018 - 2020


NRC FLIS provides a knowledge, skills and methodological experience on futures analysis and  foresight studies  to support policy making in addressing complex and long term challenges.

Main objective of NRC FLIS work is to contribute to

  • the collection of knowledge and information for forward-looking integrated environmental assessments and SOER, to provide for better systemic understanding on transition for living well within the limits of our planet, mostly addressing interlinkages with global context, improved understanding of more certain and uncertain forces which are driving future change, interlinkages between environment and society.
  • improved use of forward-looking assessments in policymaking and in the state of the environment reporting and
  • exchange knowledge and practices about foresight methods and increase awareness about the practical use and communication  of forward-looking assessments and analysis

NRC FLIS contributes with new knowledge and countries perspective on drivers of change and sustainability transitions and deliver co-productive and co-reflective products.

Members of NRC FLIS  exchange their knowledge and build common intelligence by using meetings and on-line tools,  and NRC FLIS agreed common terminology (Foresight Dictionary

NRC FLIS is also becoming increasingly known partner when countries perspective is needed in EU activities and projects of forward-looking nature (ie. DG Environment horizon scanning and foresight projects, JRC, research projects )

Cooperation with NRC SoE is essential.


    Methods and approaches to support long term forward-looking integrated assessments, i.e.:

    • Scenarios and visioning
    • Horizon scanning of drivers of change
    • System analysis
    • Sustainability assessment

    Knowledge on interlinks between environment and society, between different geographical scales, long term dimensions, knowledge innovations and interface between research and policy:

    • Drivers of change: Global Megatrends, Emerging Issues
    • Transitions
    • Sustainable development
    • Stakeholder interactions and dialogs
    • Long term policy analysis
    • Research-governance interface.

    Policy processes to be supported

    • EU Environmental Action Plans
    • Environment and Knowledge Community activities (EKC: ENV, CLIMA, JRC, EEA, RTD and ESTAT)
    • Sustainable Development Goals
    • Circular/Green Economy, Low carbon economy, bio-economy, Resource Efficiency
    • Eco-innovation Action Plan (EcoAP)
    • Research policies: Vision for research and innovation: The Three O's – Open Innovation, Open Science, Open to the World; European Research Area; Innovation Union 

    Expected input and contributions from the NRC in 2018 - 2020

    • Review and commenting on Forward looking reports
    • Produce Eionet report based on NRC FLIS activities
    • Facilitate capacity building
    • Coordinate activities with NRC SoE  

    Relevant organisations and networks

    • EC DGs, relevant committees and working groups, DG JRC
    • OECD
    • UNEP
    • Research networks
    • Other foresight networks and platforms