NRC on Forests

Profile 2018 - 2020


The NRC Forests will support the building up of a knowledge base related to forests and environment across the EEA to support assessments on the state and trends of forest ecosystems in Europe and for support to sustainable forest management and to forest-related policies in Europe and the European Union.

Activities will reflect the increased focus on forests and forestry on balancing protection and maintenance of biodiversity and nature and the role of forests in circular bioeconomy considering climate change.

The interactions between forests and forestry and environment also include:

  • climate change impacts, adaptation and mitigation,
  • forest condition and vitality (healthy forest ecosystems)
  • use and management of forest resources (sustainability, ecosystem based approach, circular bioeconomy and resource efficiency)

The activities are coordinated to other main global and European forest processes on reporting on sustainable forest management to ensure added value. This means close links to the FAO/FRA, the UNECE Committee on Forests and Forest Industry (COFFI) and the Forest Europe processes to build a knowledge base.


  • Knowledge on forest ecosystems and/or forestry to be able to embrace the wealth of topics around the interactions between forest/ry and the environment. This includes
  • Knowledge regarding indicator development, national and European reporting and assessments related to sustainable forest management, their multifunctionality as well as an insight in integrated assessments (DPSIR concept: Driver-Pressures-State-Impact and Responses.
  • Knowledge on forest inventories and monitoring which includes the the use of maps for large-scale assessments

Sound overview on forest related policies in Europe and in the EU.

Policy processes to be supported

  • Primarily the 7th EAP, the EU Forest Strategy, the EU Biodiversity Strategy, the Nature Directives, Rural Development, LULUCF
  • Supporting global processes such as the land related SDGs and UN Strategic Plan for Forests, 2017-2030, the Forest Europe and other European processes in close coordination with other forest processes in Europe (e.g. FAO/FRA, UNECE/COFFI, Forest Europe).

Expected input and contributions from the NRC in 2018 - 2020

  • Advice to monitor and assess the state and trends of forest ecosystems to support reporting and policy decisions related to forests across the EEA
  • Advice to the development and maintenance of forest data and indicators (collection, harmonisation, review and analysis of quantitative and qualitative information on forests and the multiple and sustainable use of forests).
  • Review of products such as indicators, briefings, reports.
  • Support to the development of forest information system in Europe (FISE) in coordination with other forest processes in Europe (e.g. FAO/FRA, UNECE/COFFI, Forest Europe).

Relevant organisations and networks

  • European Commission : DG ENV, DG CLIMA, DG AGRI, DG JRC, DG EUROSTAT and other DGs involved in forest related policies and strategies;
  • Forest Europe
  • Forest networks: ENFIN (European National Forest Inventory Network), EFI (European Forest Institute)
  • FAO (Food and Agriculture Organisation), UNECE/Forest resources and the UNECE Committee on Forests and Forest Industry (COFFI) as well as other UN organisations (including the ICP-Forests and ICP-Vegetation and regional conventions working on forests)