NRC on Land Cover

Profile 2018 - 2020


The land cover NRCs, as a well-established part of the network, will mainly focus on the technical aspects of land cover/use monitoring and data management. For the period 2014-2020 it is envisaged that the Copernicus programme will be the main driver, more specifically the Copernicus Land Monitoring Service (CLMS), comprising amongst other: improving data on urban, riparian and coastal zones, production of Corine land cover and verification of High Resolution Layers (HRL) on land cover characteristics.


    • Landscape geography and ecology
    • Remote sensing and GIS
    • Spatial data quality analysis
    • Spatial data and information management related to land, water and biodiversity
    • Corine Land Cover and LUCAS projects
    • Copernicus Land Monitoring Service production, verification and enhancement activities
    • Operational data delivery.

    Policy processes to be supported

    Expected input and contributions from the NRC in 2018 - 2020

    • CLC and CLCC production e. update CLC 2018
    • HRLs – verification – 2015 & next update HRL2018
    • Urban Atlas (UA), Riparian Zones (RZ), Natura2000 (N2K), Coastal Zones (CZ): verification and enrichment (2012, 2018)
    • HR-phenology, Snow & Ice (S&I): feedback on service
    • Review of and comment EEA technical reports and main reports with regards to LC/LU use cases
    • Methodological support to statistical validation concepts for CLMS products
    • Participation requested in and/or provide feedback to Eionet Action Group on Land monitoring in Europe (EAGLE) activities, in particular with regards to the development of CLC+

    Relevant organisations and networks

    • DG ENV
    • DG GROW
    • DG REGIO
    • DG AGRI
    • DG Eurostat
    • DG JRC
    • ESA / Eumetsat
    • Other Copernicus services entrusted entities (Mercator Océan, ECMWF…)
    • Group on Earth Observation GEO