NRC on State of environment

Profile 2018 - 2020


The NRC-SOE network aims to improve the understanding of and development of State of the Environment reporting and related sustainability assessments, both at national and European level.  It links to EEA’s strategic area 2.4 and the development of European-level SOE reporting (including SOER as well as annual environmental indicator reports). The NRC should also ideally play an active role in country contributions towards the EEA SOER and indicator reports. Due to its cross-cutting nature this NRC links to the thematic and sectoral NRCs. 


    • Responsibility for state of the environment reporting at national level (note: preferably the NRC-SOE is an editor or lead author of national SOE reports)
    • Experience with Integrated Environmental Assessments
    • Expertise in development and communication of a range of environmental indicators,
    • Understanding of the science-policy interface
    • Understanding of policy evaluation, including policy effectiveness
    • Expertise in global environmental change and driving forces
    • Expertise in systems analysis (e.g. Food, Transport, Energy, ...)

    Policy processes to be supported

    • Mandatory state of the environment reporting at national and European level
    • 7th Environmental Action Programme – and its evaluation
    • UN Sustainable Development Goals
    • Integrated Assessments on the environment

    Expected input and contributions from the NRC in 2018 - 2020

    • Provide country-level contributions to EEA SOER (in cooperation with NFP and other NRCs) Specifically contribute, review and comment on EEA SOER
    • Review of and commenting on all EEA Environmental Indicators Reports
    • Review of and commenting on other EEA reports, as appropriate
    • Develop the links between EEA and national indicators from a content perspective
    • Ensure links between EEA and national assessments (including SERIS)
    • Updating SERIS with country SOER information

    Relevant organisations and networks

    • DG Eurostat (e.g. EU-SDG indicators)
    • OECD (e.g. Environmental Performance Reviews)
    • UNEP (e.g. Global Environment Outlook)
    • UN (e.g. Sustainable Development Goals)