The current ETC/WMGE framework partnership agreement has ended on 31 December 2018. A new Framework Partnership Agreement has been signed between the EEA and VITO for an ETC/WMGE 2019-2021. The new ETC/WMGE website is under construction and will soon be updated accordingly.

European Topic Centre on waste and materials in a green economy (ETC/WMGE)

The European Topic Centre on waste and materials in a green economy (ETC/WMGE) is a consortium of European organisations working in partnership with the European Environment Agency.

The ETC/WMGE informs decision-makers and the public by presenting reliable and comparable data and information on waste management and prevention, green economy, material resource efficiency and the transition to a circular economy in Europe.

The Topic Centre in the context of Eionet

European Topic Centres (ETCs) are centres of thematic expertise contracted by the European Environment Agency (EEA) to carry out specific tasks identified in the EEA strategy. ETC/WMGE is one of these seven centres.

Topic Centres are part of Eionet (European Environment Information and Observation Network). This partnership network of the European Environment Agency (EEA) and its member- and cooperating countries involves approximately 1000 experts and more than 350 national institutions. The network supports the collection and organisation of data and the development and dissemination of information concerning Europe’s environment.

Partners in the consortium are: