In 2019, ETC/ATNI Action Plan includes the following priority activities, consistent with the priority areas listed in EEA’s Programming Document 2019-2021 under strategic areas 1.1, 1.2 and 1.3:

  • Supporting EEA, the European Commission and EEA member countries with implementation of current and future reporting obligations on air quality, air pollutant emissions, CO2 emissions from cars, vans and heavy-duty vehicles, and noise;
  • Supporting EEA’s publication of updated assessments on ‘Air Quality in Europe’, ‘Transport and Environment (TERM)’ and the health impacts caused by environmental noise;
  • Supporting EEA, the European Commission, EEA member countries and companies with streamlining and implementation of reporting obligations on industrial point-sources (EU Registry on Industrial Sites, European Pollutant Release and Transfer Register and thematic reporting according to the Industrial Emissions Directive);
  • Supporting preparation of EEA reports, country profiles and other public-facing products on industrial pollution.

The Action Plan will deliver the following expected key results and products to support the priority work areas listed above:

  • Contributions to theEEA Air Quality Report,
  • Eionet ETC report on the updated methodology when it comes to E-PRTR data review,
  • The final draft of EEA European Union informative inventory report under the CLRTAP,
  • EU-28 NECD inventories,
  • Eionet ETC report on quiet areas inside urban areas,
  • Final Eionet ETC Report documenting the updated methodology for the Industrial Pollution country profiles,The final draft of the EEA TERM report,
  • Make the LCP database (second release) public and complete,
  • Eionet ETC Report on the use of Copernicus data,
  • ETC Report on preliminary cross-cutting evaluation of PaMs under Evaluation and analysis of reported measures under EU obligations (NECD and GHG)