European Exchange of Air Quality Monotoring Meta Information in 2001 ETC/ACC Technical Paper No 2003/1

30 Jun 2003

Iulian Petchesi

Current air quality legislation of the European Union, Council Decision (97/101/EC), requires the Commission to prepares a technical report on a yearly basis combining the meta information and air quality dataflows that have been exchanged among the Member States, Accession Countries, some other countries and the Commission. The information is to be made available to Member States in a database.

The results of the reporting cycle presented in this particular report (7.9Mb PDF) cover data for 2001. This report contains information delivered by EU Member States, and EFTA states, and Switzerland and Accession Countries, who have agreed to follow the data exchange procedures.

Prepared by: E Buijsman, PR van Hooydonk, W Mol, J Fiala, FAAM de Leeuw (ETC/ACC)
Published by: ETC/ACC, Bilthoven, NL, June 2003, 51 pp.