ETC/ATNI Report 2/2019: Mapping of existing E-PRTR and LCP datasets into the EU Registry and E-PRTR/LCP databases. Draft methodology for consultation.

This document provides an overview of a process by which historical E-PRTR and LCP data can be imported into the new data structures for the EU Registry and the E-PRTR and LCP integrated reporting (Thematic) dataflows, while ensuring the data remains Inspire compliant.

11 Mar 2021

Šárka Neužilová, Eva Krtková, Ian Marnane, Laurence Opie, Mark Gibbs

Prepared by:

Šárka Neužilová and Eva Krtková, Czech Hydrometeorological Institute (CHMI)

The report provides mapping onto EU Registry of the e-PRTR and LCP databases, giving an overview of the identifiers and data fields in tabular form. It suggests quality control and quality assessment procedure for the conversion, provides key questions that are to be answered by the reporters and finally, suggests a time frame for the conversion.