Gap-filling methodologies for the 2004 ETC-ACC CLRTAP and GHG (CRF) air emissions spreadsheet ETC/ACC Technical Paper 2004/3

13 Sep 2004

Iulian Petchesi

This report presents the proposed gap-filling methodology that will allow the provision of a complete and transparent air emissions database that meets the modelling and analysis requirements of the EEA and ETC-ACC in 2004. This air emissions database will incorporate the agreed reported datasets from CLRTAP and UNFCCC, gap-filled to remove gaps and data inconsistencies, where this is necessary and appropriate, and which can therefore provide an accepted source of information for use in EEA reports and fact-sheets.

The report refers to the available ETC/ACC gap-filled air emissions spreadsheet 2004.

Prepared by: M Adams and J Goodwin (AEA Technology Environment, uk), B Gugele (UBA-Vienna, AT)

Published by: ETC/ACC, Bilthoven, NL, Sep 2004, 14 pp.