Street Emission Ceiling exercise - Phase 1 report ETC/ACC Technical Paper 2003/11

25 Feb 2004

Iulian Petchesi

The aim of this report is to describe the development of a typology for urban background and streets in the Urban Hotspot Air Quality Analysis project of the ETC/ACC. The primary objective was to develop a method for determining the levels of emissions 1 – depending on street type and city type – in streets for which certain air quality thresholds, e.g. limit values, are reached. This method will help in making it more feasible to take the street level into account in CAFE’s integrated assessment modelling. Moreover, it will help local authorities in identifying streets where certain air quality thresholds are likely to be exceeded.
During the reporting period (Phase 1), the project has focused on a review of already available information and results from model calculations for a set of well-documented streets.

N Moussiopoulos, E-A Kalognomou (AUT/LHTEE, GR)
Z Samaras, G Mellios (AUT/LAT, GR)
SE Larssen, KI Gjerstad (NILU, NO)
FAAM de Leeuw (RIVM, NL)
KD van den Hout, S Teeuwisse (TNO-MEP, NL)