Traffic and Air Quality - Contribution of Traffic to Urban Air Quality in European Cities ETC/ACC Technical Paper 2009/12

21 Apr 2010

Iulian Petchesi

The methods to complete the study goals initially included a questionnaire survey to major European cities, as well as an extensive literature and report search for relevant data and corresponding mitigation strategies. This was compiled into 49 city profiles which formed the basis for the first part of the study, whereof 32 provided a source apportionment. The representativity of the first part of the study was limited by a low survey participation and lack of available data. There may be numerous uncertainties that are associated with the data obtained from the survey study and the corresponding analysis, where the most critical uncertainties are pertaining to low sample sizes. Only 22 cities out of 144 filled in and returned the questionnaire. There was almost no contribution from Eastern European cities.

An extension of the study, using further information sources, broadened the information base and the distribution of cities became more balanced, but the total number of cities providing a source apportionment is with 68 still rather limited. See the conclusions in the report summary.

Prepared by: Claudia Hak, Steinar Larssen, Scott Randall, Cristina Guerreiro, Bruce Denby (ETC/ACC partner: NILU, NO); Jan Horálek (ETC/ACC partner: CHMI, CZ)

Published by: ETC/ACC, January 2010, 203 pp.