Reporting on ambient air quality assessment in the EU Member States, 2008 ETC/ACC Technical Paper 2010/11

13 Jan 2011

Iulian Petchesi

with List of zones (Annex V)

  • In 2008 the percentage of zones in Member States where the limit (LV) or target value (TV) was exceeded, was highest for the daily limit value of PM10 (36%) and the health-related target value of O3 (45%).
  • When compared to the 2007 zone exceedances in Europe, exceedances for the O3 health target value were nearly as high (-1%). Explanation might be the similar weather conditions in Europe for these years. During both summers no persistent periods with elevated ozone concentrations have been observed throughout whole Europe.
  • Both PM10 daily limit value and PM10 annual limit value exceedances decreased; the first decreased by 6% to 36%, the latter by 4% to 13%.
  • EU27 zones exceeding the NO2 (24%) annual limit values increased by 1%. The percentage of zones exceeding the NOx annual limit value decreased from 10% in 2007 to 7% in 2008.

Prepared by: Benno Jimmink, Frank de Leeuw, Erik Noordijk of PBL; Jana Ostatnická, Markéta Coňková of CHMI.

Published by: ETC/ACC, January 2011, 65 pp.