E-PRTR Review Report 2010 covering the 2008 E-PRTR dataset ETC/ACC Technical Paper 2010/5

26 Oct 2010

Iulian Petchesi

All review results can be downloaded from CIRCA by Eionet users under the following link: [Right click to Open in new Window or Open in new Tab] http://eea.eionet.europa.eu/Members/irc/eionet-circle/e-prtr/library?l=/e-prtr/country_feedback/2010_2008_dataset&vm=detailed&sb=Title.

The original dataset can be downloaded from the EEA data service: E-PRTR dataset version 2.0 of 8th June 2010 version

ANNEX A - E-PRTR 2008 and 2007 Emissions per pollutant and country (separate 1.7Mb Excel file)

Prepared by:
ETC/ACC: Katarina Mareckova, Nicole Mandl, Stephan Poupa, Katrin Seuss
ETC/SCP: Christian Fischer and Claus Davidsen
ETC/W: Hana Prchalova, Renata Filippi, Pavla Chyska, Silvie Semeradova, Petra Ronen

Published by: ETC/ACC, October 2010, 162 pp.