Modelling of Nitrogen Dioxide (NO2) for air quality assessment and planning relevant to the European Air Quality Directive ETC/ACM Technical Paper 2011/15

26 Jan 2012

Iulian Petchesi

(Version 4.6; Result of activities in the FAIRMODE Working Group 1)

This document provides initial guidance on the use of models for air quality assessment and planning, with particular regard to modelling NO2 concentrations. The document is intended as guidance for authorities and modellers to help stimulate ‘good practise’ in air quality modelling and provide an overview and description of methods and tools available for air quality modelling. Since NO2 is generally a local and urban scale problem, this document concentrates on applications within cities.

Prepared by: EEA's European Topic Centre on Air and Climate Change (ETC/ACC) with Bruce Denby (NILU) as editor and many contributors of which several from the ETC/ACM Consortium.

Publish date: 26 January 2012

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