AirBase: a valuable tool in air quality assessments at a European and local level ETC/ACM Technical Paper 2012/4

07 May 2012

Iulian Petchesi

To demonstrate the use of AirBase in various types of air quality assessments, this paper presents in the first three chapters shortly the European air quality as observed in 2010. (Later this year a more extensive analysis will be provided in a EEA report Air Quality in Europe 2012). Chapter 4 presents various assessments of air quality related phenomena. These are not discussed in extenso; main purpose is to show the use of AirBase data in some less obvious topics. Further a discussion on the precursors of ozone is given in Chapter 5. In Chapter 6 the consequences of missing data are discussed.

ETC/ACM Techncial Paper 2012/1 describes the meta information and the quality of the measurement data reported to AirBase for the year 2010.

Prepared by: ETC/ACM Consortium member Frank de Leeuw, RIVM, Bilthoven, NL.

Published by: ETC/ACM, April 2012, 57 pp.