Air Implementation Pilot: Management practices (update 2013) ETC/ACM Technical Paper 2013/7

05 Jun 2013

Iulian Petchesi

In 2012 eight cities were selected and invited to join the project: Berlin (Germany), Bucharest (Romania), Dublin (Ireland), Madrid (Spain), Malmö (Sweden), Milan (Italy), Prague (Czech Republic) and Vienna (Austria). In 2013, it was decided to expand the urban sample by inviting four additional cities to take part in the pilot: Antwerp (Belgium), Paris (France), Plovdiv (Bulgaria) and Vilnius (Lithuania).

This technical paper presents an analysis of the policies and measures undertaken in the pilot cities as reported in the plans and programmes (P&Ps) questionnaires and time extension notifications (TEN) submitted to the European Comission. It is an update of chapter 4 of Progressing to cleaner air: Evaluating non-attainment areas, ETC/ACM Technical Paper 2012/10, including the new four cities invited to join the pilot in 2013.

Prepared by: ETC/ACM Consortium members Núria Castell and Cristina Guerreiro (NILU).

Published by: ETC/ACM, May 2013, 34 pp.