Reporting on ambient air quality assessment in EU Member States and other EEA countries, 2012 ETC/ACM Technical Paper 2014/1

18 Aug 2014

Iulian Petchesi

ETCACM Technical Paper 2014/1 cover

with List of zones in relation to air quality standards (Annex IV)(460kb xlsx)

In 2012, the percentage of zones in all reporting countries exceeding the limit values set for the protection of human health was highest for the annual LV of NO2 and the daily LV of PM10 (30% and 29%, respectively). The health-related target value of O3 has been exceeded in a slightly larger fraction (34%). Compared to 2011 the fraction of zones in exceedance of PM10 LV is this year lower; for the NO2 annual LV and ozone TV similar fractions were found in both years.
Looking at the population, the highest fraction potentially exposed to levels above the LV or TV is found for the annual LV of NO2 (46%), next the daily LV of PM10 (38%), followed by the O3 TV (35%).

Prepared by: Benno Jimmink, Frank de Leeuw (RIVM); Jana Ostatnická, Markéta Schreiberová (CHMI).

Published by: ETC/ACM, August 2014, 55 pp.