Lead institution: 

A coordinating team based in the National Museum of Natural History, Paris:

  • Nirmala SÉON-MASSIN (FR), ETC/BD manager
  • Stéphanie HUDIN (FR), ETC/BD deputy manager
  • Jérôme BAILLY MAITRE (FR), Data management and analyses on EU Nature Directives officer
  • Pablo BOLANOS (FR, GT), Data analysis officer
  • Aurélien CARRÉ (FR), Ecosystem assessments senior officer
  • Laura-Patricia GAVILÁN IGLESIAS (ES), Natura 2000 and Emerald network senior officer
  • Marie-Claude MOSES (FR), Administrative and financial manager
  • Sabine ROSCHER (DE), Databases and information system senior officer
  • Želmíra ŠÍPKOVÁ GAUDILLAT (SK), Nature Directives reporting senior officer
  • Muriel VINCENT (FR), Executive assistant
  • Michelle WATSON (IE), EUNIS senior officer and support to Nature Directives

Other partners: