Scoping document: biodiversity indicators related to agriculture - ETC/BD Working paper N°E/2015

01 Jul 2015

Iulian Petchesi

This document aims at providing the background on environmental and biodiversity indicators related to agriculture. Although there are several sets of environmental indicators, this document focuses on two frameworks directly related to agriculture, namely the “Common Monitoring and Evaluation Framework” (CMEF) and the Agri-environmental Indicators (AEIs). The report provides an overview of their history, main purpose, European institutions involved in their development, analytical framework, main characteristics and operational issues (Chapter 2 for CMEF and Chapter 3 for AEIs). Furthermore, the indicators are listed along with their main characteristics in tabular form (Annex 2 for CMEF and Annex 3 for AEIs). A brief overview (supported by a comprehensive table) is also given on the linkages between both sets of indicators (Chapter 4 and Annex 4), as well as a crosswalk with SEBI indicators relevant for Target 3A of the “EU Biodiversity Strategy to 2020” (Chapter 5). The discussion section (Chapter 6) mainly focuses on biodiversity-related agricultural indicators. Additionally, the document ends up with a compilation of the major references and a list of relevant webpages that might be useful.

Prepared by: Celia García Feced and Sophie Condé (from ETC/BD-MNHN, FR)