Dyntaxa taxon concept administration and how to handle information related to taxa - ETC/BD Technical paper N°8/2015

01 Dec 2015

Iulian Petchesi

This document describes how ‘Dyntaxa’ – the web application used for the Swedish Taxonomic Database – deals with the presentation and administration of content which is related to taxon names. It discusses typical issues as well as practical solutions for dealing with shifts in names and categories or the splitting and lumping of taxa. Furthermore an outlook is given on linking information across separate taxonomic systems. The paper supports the further enhancement of information management in the context of the reporting under the Nature Directives and the management of EUNIS, which is the part of the European Biodiversity data centre (BDC) and a contribution to the knowledge base for implementing the EU and global biodiversity strategies and the 7th Environmental Action Programme.

Prepared by: Oskar Kindvall (from ETC/BD partner SLU, SE) in collaboration with Sabine Roscher, Jérôme Bailly Maitre and Želmíra Šípková-Gaudillat (from ETC/BD-MNHN, FR)