ETC/BD Technical paper 7/2020: Distribution and habitat suitability maps of revised EUNIS vegetated man-made habitats_Annex 2

15 Nov 2022

Stephan Hennekens (Wageningen Environmental Research, WEnR, NL)

This report presents, for each revised EUNIS habitats belonging to the group V "Vegetated man-made habitats", a distribution map of known occurrence based on the locality of vegetation plots which can be assigned to this EUNIS Class, and a suitability map of areas where the environment is suitable for those habitats in Europe produced with a model integrating several climate, topographic and soil layers parameters, and also so-called RS-EBV’s (Remote Sensed Essential Biodiversity Variables). Only V1 (Arable land and market gardens) and V3 (Grasslands) have been taken into account, because the floristic composition could only be defined for these types. Therefore, V2 (Cultivated areas of gardens and parks), V4 (Hedgerows), V5 (Shrub plantation) and V6 (Orchards and small planted woodlands) were excluded from the analysis.