ETC/BD Working paper G/2016: Scoping document - Justification and guidelines for a European register of agroforestry areas

01 Apr 2016

Jerome Bailly-Maitre

Following-up on the ETC/BD Working paper N°C/2015 "State of agroforestry information across Europe" (Garcia Feced, 2015), this document exposes the main recommendations for the implementation of an European agroforestry register, its possible structure and related mechanisms to put it in place. After briefly introducing the definition of agroforestry, the possible benefits of an European register on this topic and the available information sources and datasets, the report proposes the main guidelines for its implementation, including some general principles and the structure and contents that it may contain. The report also synthesizes the process needed to implement this register, as well as the parties that should be involved.

Prepared by: Celia García Feced (Muséum national d’Histoire naturelle, FR)