Working paper on pressures hotspots on selected grassland ecosystems using Art. 17 reporting - ETC/BD Working paper N°C/2017

01 Nov 2017

Iulian Petchesi

The aim of this report is to explore the possibilities for developing the maps for European Union territory showing hotspots of specific pressures to grasslands using Article 17 database. It provides for each pressure following information: basic information about pressure importance and effect to grassland habitats, method of pressure maps, list of Article 17 pressure types related to the respective pressure, number of habitats affected by particular pressure in the Article 17 reporting units, and map showing hotspots of pressures to grassland habitats with resolution 10x10 km The approach used and described in this report proved to be useful for mapping of hotspots of the pressures to grassland habitats listed in the Annex I of the Habitats Directive. However, some limitations still exist and they should be taken into account when interpreting the maps.

Prepared by: Ľuboš Halada and Juraj Lieskovský (from ETC/BD partner ILE-SAS, SK) and Sophie Condé (from ETC/BD-MNHN, FR)