ETC/BD Technical paper 2/2019: Processing European habitats probability maps for EUNIS Forest (T), Heathland, scrub and tundra (S) and Grassland (R) habitat types based on vegetation relevés, environmental data and Copernicus land cover

31 Dec 2019

Sander Mücher and Stephan Hennekens, Wageningen Environmental Research, WENR (NL)

This report presents revised high-resolution habitat probability maps for Forest, Heathland scrub and tundra, and grassland habitat types using spatial delineation of ecosystems with remote sensing data, environmental data and in-situ vegetation relevés. This update is due to the 2018 revision of all EUNIS habitat types belonging to the groups E (grassland), F (heathland, scrub and tundra) and G (forest) done in 2018.