Review existing evidence and information on the implementation status of GI/Nature-Based initiatives (NBI) in the Member States - ETC/BD Working paper N°D/2017

01 Oct 2017

Iulian Petchesi

This study aims to establish the current state of information and data availability regarding green infrastructure (GI), nature-based initiatives (NBI) and closely related concepts (such as ecosystem-based adaptation, nature-based solutions, etc) at the European level. Through a review of existing evidence, the study assesses the availability of information on: costs and benefits; financing, policy and governance mechanisms; planning, assessment and monitoring tools; case studies; drivers for implementation; sector-specific aspects; spatial information; use of ecosystem services (ES) in assessment; relevant platforms; and wider dissemination materials. The results highlight gaps and areas necessitating further investment and research.

Prepared by: Sandra Naumann, McKenna Davis and Keighley McFarland (from ETC/BD partner Ecologic Institute, DE)