Survey on grassland ecosystem services in the Czech Republic and literature review - ETC/BD Technical paper N°1/2011

01 Nov 2011

Iulian Petchesi

This report presents the results of an extended study on ecosystem services provided by grasslands and the benefits derived from them. The report focuses on the Czech Republic while reviewing experiences from other Central European countries.

Prepared by: Marcus Zisenis and Dominique Richard (from ETC/BD-MNHN, FR), David Vačkář, Eliška Lorencová, Jan Melichar, Iva Hönigová, Veronika Oušková, Michael Hošek and Karel Chobot (from ETC/BD partner AOPK, CZ), Martin Götzl and Gabriele Sonderegger (from ETC/BD partner UBA, AT)