A survey of existing scientific or policy targets relevant for each SEBI indicator among global, European and national initiatives - ETC/BD Working paper N°A/2009

01 Jun 2009

Iulian Petchesi

From an extensive review of country level biodiversity and environmental indicators, this document identified a number of general methodologies to assess trends and achievement of objectives or targets related to indicators. Then a thorough evaluation was made of all available country level and other relevant indicators. These were assessed in relation to their correspondence with the SEBI indicators set. The final aspect of the study was centred on the question of existing baselines (whether or not they have been set) and, with or without baselines, whether political and scientific targets were given as context in the written or visual presentation of the indicators.

Prepared by: Amor Torre-Marin and Lawrence Jones-Walters (from ETC/BD partner ECNC, NL), Sophie Condé (from ETC/BD-MNHN, FR)