Literature Review: The ecological effectiveness of the Natura 2000 Network - ETC/BD Technical paper N°5/2014

01 Nov 2014

Iulian Petchesi

A literature review on the ecological effectiveness of the Natura 2000 network was performed through both web-based search of scientific literature and grey literature, focusing on articles published after 2006 and which were available before end of October 2014. The focus of the literature review was on the following questions:
• What do Natura 2000 sites deliver in terms of ecological effectiveness?
• Which factors exert the most influence regarding levels of effectiveness?
Data (status and trends) relevant to the analysis includes: the number and distribution of species, species diversity, conservation status of habitats, type and magnitude of existing pressures and threats, coverage of target/non-target species, and land cover changes with regards to ecosystems and habitats. Studies that allow for a comparison between Natura 2000 sites and areas outside the Natura 2000 network would also be highly relevant and could complement the analysis carried out in the technical report.
The report consists in two parts: a) General report and b) List of reviewed publications

Prepared by: McKenna Davis, Sandra Naumann, Keighley McFarland and Andreas Graf (from ETC/BD partner Ecologic Institute, DE), Doug Evans (from ETC/BD-MNHN, FR)