The ETC/CCA supports the EEA in informing policy development and implementation in the area of climate change impacts, vulnerability, and adaptation (CCIVA) by means of data, information/indicators, and assessments. In particular, the Consortium contributes to:

  • providing up-to-date information and indicators on CCIVA, including disaster risk reduction, and access to Copernicus climate change information services in the European Climate Adaptation Platform (Climate-ADAPT);
  • supporting the implementation and review process of the EU 2013 Climate Change Adaptation Strategy, including through the content maintenance and further development of Climate-ADAPT;
  • assisting countries with any possible reporting of data in the field of CCIVA to the European Commission and the EEA;
  • helping policymakers plan and implement transnational, national, and sub-national (in particular cities) adaptation policies, and also monitoring and evaluating their implementation;
  • supporting the development, monitoring and evaluation of adaptation policies in the EU, including by analyzing member country national and sub-national actions and policies;
  • supporting an effective flow of information within the Eionet, by participating in the relevant NFP/Eionet meetings and Eionet workshops and by collaborating with the other ETCs through the thematic, spatial, and temporal integration of CCIVA into cross-cutting environmental topics.

ETC/CCA AP2020 "Projects" and "Tasks"

Pursuant to the ETC/CCA Action Plan for the year 2020 (AP2020), the activities during 2020 are organized in the following "Projects" and "Tasks":

Project 1.4.1 Climate change and hazard indicators

Task Scoping paper for a report on climate change impacts in Europe

Task European climate change and impact indicators

Task Review and development of climate hazard indicators for Europe

Project 1.4.2 Climate change adaptation and disaster risk reduction assessments

Task Monitoring and evaluation of national adaptation strategies and plans

Task Urban and social aspects of adaptation

Task Climate change adaptation and disaster risk reduction

Task Climate change impacts and adaptation in agriculture

Project 1.4.3 Information systems (Climate-ADAPT)

Task Climate-ADAPT

Project 1.4.5 Network and coordination

Task Eionet workshop and networking

Project 1.4.6 ETC management

Task ETC/CCA management and coordination