ETC/CCA consortium


Logo Organisation Country Responsible

Fondazione CMCC - Centro Euro-Mediterraneo sui Cambiamenti Climatici

Lead organisation

Italy Silvia Medri
Old-Eionet-logo-cenia-e1555791567564.jpg CENIA - CENIA, Czech Environmental Information Agency Czech Republic Tereza Kochová
Old-Eionet-logo-climate-alliance-e1555791543846.png Climate Alliance - Klima-Bündnis/Alianza del Clima e.V. Germany Lucie Blondel
Old-Eionet-aulogo_dk_var2_blaa-e1555791391629.png DCE-AU - Danish Centre for Environment and Energy - Aarhus University Denmark Marianne Zandersen
old-eionet-Logo-EAA-e1555783848265.png EAA - Environment Agency Austria Austria Markus Leitner
old-eionet-logoEURAC-e1555791519710.jpg EURAC Research - European Academy of Bozen-Bolzano Italy Marc Zebisch
old-logiFCID-logo-e1555791450529.png FC.ID - FCiências.ID – Associação para a Investigação e Desenvolvimento de Ciências Portugal Tiago Capela Lourenço
Old-logo-Fresh-Thoughts-Consulting_LOGO_neu-e1555793993885.jpg FT - Fresh Thoughts Consulting GmbH Austria Thomas Dworak
Old-Eionet-Met-Office-logo-e1555791485392.jpg Met Office - Met Office of the United Kingdom United Kingdom Paul van der Linden
old-Eionet-Logo-PBL-e1555791611698.png PBL - PBL Netherlands Environmental Assessment Agency The Netherlands Jelle van Minnen
Old-Eionet-SYKE-e1555796924572.png SYKE - Finnish Environment Institute Finland Mikael Hildén
Old-EIonet-Thetis_Logo-e1555796969168.jpg THETIS - THETIS S.p.A. Italy Emiliano Ramieri
old-UFZ-e1555797007243.png UFZ - Helmholtz-Zentrum für Umweltforschung GmbH - UFZ Germany Andreas Marx
Old-Eionet-Logo-VITO-e1555783712657.jpg VITO - Vlaamse Instelling voor Technologisch Onderzoek Belgium Filip Lefebre
old-eionet-Logo-WENR-e1555783649427.png WENR - Stichting Wageningen Research, Wageningen Environmental Research The Netherlands Claire Jacobs


ETC/CCA 2019: Coordination team

The ETC/CCA Coordination Team from CMCC:

  • provides the co-ordination of the Tasks and related activities by the Consortium Partners and manages the whole Consortium;
  • validate the deliveries and contributions of ETC/CCA, pursuant to the Action Plan (AP);
  • maintains links to Eionet;
  • reviews ETC capacities and expertise in connection with the EEA Annual Work Programme;
  • secures resources and capacities to support activities;
  • periodically prepares progress reports and implement changes to ETC AP if needed.

Name Organisation Role
Silvia Medri CMCC Manager/Coordinator
Valentina Giannini CMCC Technical/Scientific Deputy Manager
Lorella Reda CMCC Administrative/Financial Deputy Manager


ETC/CCA 2019: Main managers

The Main managers are the experts responsible for the activities carried out in the various specific "Tasks" of the ETC/CCA AP2019 (more information available at the page: Activities):

Project 1.4.1 Climate change and hazard indicators
Task Scoping paper for a report on climate change impacts in Europe
Task Manager: Marc Zebisch (EURAC Research, IT)
Task Deputy Manager: Mikael Hildén (SYKE, FI)
Task European climate change and impact indicators
Task Manager: Paul van der Linden (MO, UK)
Project 1.4.2 Climate change adaptation and disaster risk reduction assessment
Task Monitoring and evaluation of national adaptation strategies and plans
Task Manager: Kirsi Mäkinen (SYKE, FI)
Task Deputy Manager: Markus Leitner (EAA, AT)
Task Urban and social aspects of adaptation
Task Manager: Margaretha Breil (CMCC, IT)
Task Deputy Manager: Lucie Blondel (Climate Alliance, DE)
Task Climate change adaptation and disaster risk reduction
Task Manager: Jelle van Minnen (PBL, NL)
Task Deputy Manager: Marie Vandewalle (UFZ, DE)
Task Climate change impacts and adaptation in agriculture
Task Manager: Claire Jacobs (WER, NL)
Task Deputy Manager: Maria Berglund (FT, AT)
Task Climate change impacts and adaptation in the energy system
Task Manager: Andrea Bigano (CMCC, IT)
Project 1.4.3 Information systems (Climate-ADAPT)
Task Climate-ADAPT
Task Managers: Valentina Giannini and Katie Johnson(CMCC, IT)
Project 1.4.5 Network and coordination
Task Eionet workshop and networking
Task Manager: Silvia Medri (CMCC, IT)
Project 1.4.6 ETC management
Task ETC/CCA management and coordination
Task Manager: Silvia Medri (CMCC, IT)
Task Deputy Managers: Valentina Giannini and Lorella Reda (CMCC, IT)