Climate-related hazard indices for Europe

ETC-CCA Technical Paper 1/2020

12 Nov 2020

Silvia Medri

This Technical Paper describes the review and selection process for a compact set of 32 climate-related hazard indices for Europe, in support of the development of a European Environment Agency (EEA) Report on climate-related hazards in Europe to be published in 2021. The information provided by the final hazard index set has the following two objectives: (i) to provide a European overview on past trends and projected changes in key representative climate-related hazards with adaptation relevance for different sectors and policy themes; and (ii) to support the development and application of national and regional indices for climate-related hazards with adaptation relevance.

Authors: Alice Crespi (1), Stefano Terzi (1), Silvia Cocuccioni (1), Marc Zebisch (1), Julie Berckmans (2), Hans-Martin Füssel (3)

Published by: ETC/CCA, Bologna, IT, 2020

(1) EURAC Research (2) VITO (3) EEA

Download report: Climate-related hazard indices for Europe — 1.04 MB