Rationale, approach and added value of Key Type of Measures for adaptation to climate change

04 Dec 2020

Silvia Medri

Since 2020, all EU Member States (MS) have a national adaptation policy framework officially adopted (e.g. National Adaptation Strategy (NAS), mostly followed by a National Adaptation Plan (NAP) or Sectoral Adaptation Plans (SAP)) covering a broad range of climate change adaptation options and measures. While often targeting the same vulnerable systems and problems, these options and measures are highly heterogeneous in the way they are organized, labelled and described across MS. This ETC/CCA Technical Paper developed a common framework and reporting approach for climate change adaptation that allows clustering of adaptation options and measures across Member States in the form of Key Type of Measures (KTMs). This KTM approach enhances comparability and eases reporting procedures under the Energy Union Governance Regulation and Implementing Act. The KTM approach also allows better comparisons and assessments at the EU level.

Authors: Markus Leitner (1), Thomas Dworak (2), Tiago Capela Lourenco (3), Wolfgang Lexer and Andrea Prutsch (1), Wouter Vanneuville (4)

Published by: ETC/CCA, Bologna, IT, 2020

(1) Environment Agency Austria (EAA) (2) Fresh-Thoughts Consulting GmbH (FT) (3) FCiências.ID - Associação para a Investigação e Desenvolvimento de Ciências (FC.ID) (4) European Environment Agency (EEA)