Floods – vulnerability, risks and management

05 Nov 2012

Tiberiu Ichim

This report describes floods in a European context with the purpose of highlighting factors that contribute to the occurrence and adverse consequences of floods, and possibilities to reduce flood risks from inland waters and rainfall.It includes a discussion on changes in flood patterns and illustrates how different scenarios for climate change may affect vulnerability to floods and flood risks.The report provides illustrative examples of flood risk management from the local to European level.

Prepared by: Mikael Hildén, Rutger Dankers, Thomas Kjeldsen, Jamie Hannaford, Christian Kuhlicke, Esko Kuusisto, Christos Makropoulos, Aline te Linde, Fulco Ludwig, Jochen Luther, Henk Wolters

Published by: ETC/CCA, Bologna, IT, October 2012